Tesla PowerWall 2


Tesla PowerWall 2


The Tesla Powerwall 2 lithium battery system (PW2) has pushed home energy storage into the mainstream!

Designed to be more compact, easier to handle and simpler to install. Weighing in at 120kg it is can be ground mounted as well as wall mounted. For larger capacity systems the PW2 will have the ability to be setup in split or 3-phase installations with up to 9 battery modules able to be linked together in series.

The Powerwall 2 functions as a backup power supply or UPS with the additional Backup Gateway which then functions as a household energy management system and communications hub. The PW2 is designed to operate in off-grid (back-up) mode for short durations, or until the battery is depleted. The warranty for the PW2 is 10 years with a 70% minimum retained. From a completely discharged state the PW2 recharges within 4 – 5 hours.

The 13.5kWh means that a standard home drawing 1kW per hour, will have backup for 13.5 hours. A larger house drawing 3kW per hour, will have backup for 4.5 hours – enough to get through an entire day of loadshedding!

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