Innosilicon A8+ CryptoMaster

Innosilicon A8+ CryptoMaster


Innosilicon A8+ CryptoMaster

Best Power Efficiency CryptoNight Miner!

Super Stability, Best ROI. First Pay, First Served.


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Innosilicon A8+ CryptoMaster

The Innosilicon A8+ CryptoMaster will lead the future market with unbeatable price and performance. 248KH/s is pretty ahead of other miners on this algorithm. Besides, the A8 owns huge competitive advantage, such as low power consumption, high power efficiency, compact time-tested design and so on. As a result, A8 can significantly reduce the operating cost and bring higher ROI.
  • Hashrate:248KH/s( /-8%)
  • Power Consumption:480W ( /-8%, normal mode, at the wall, with 93% efficiency PSU, 25°C temperature )
  • Chip Type:A8 CryptoMaster ASIC
  • Dimensions:Double tube, 350mm(L) x 250mm(W) x 160mm(H)
  • Net Weight:7.3KG(without PSU)
  • Ambient Temperature:0°C to 40°C
  • Network Connection:Ethernet

Innosilicon A8+ CryptoMaster Warranty:

All A8+ CryptoMaster will be tested by factory before shipment and certified by Innosilicon. The post-sales service policy is as follows. After payment, your order will be processed immediately.

180 days parts warranty for any miners directly purchased from Innosilicon.

Please don’t send any machine or parts without contacting the technical support team first. Any loss or damage as a result of lack of contact will be the responsibility of the customer.

The price of miners may be adjusted in response to market condition changes at any time without prior notice or price compensation to customers.

The warranty expires in the following cases:

  • Miner is demolished, privately altered or component replacement by customers;
  • Lightning, voltage surges, poor quality power supply causing damage;
  • Circuit boards and components damaged by water, exposed to moisture or corroded;
  • The circuit board or the chip is completely burned;
  • Excessive Over-clocking in a overheating environment.
  • If above case happens, services of your miner maintenance will be charged. For the specific procedures, please refer to the after-sales process.

Note:Please ensure your miners be taken care in a proper farm with cooling and dust filter conditions. Warranty expires if you overclock miners or running miners at excessive heat or dust conditions beyond our target range

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Weight 7.3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 16 cm


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